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We’re at #NCTE!

YeeeeHaaaaaaaw! Here we are in St. Louis. Right now we’re listening to Jimmy Santiago Bacca. He’s awesome. Well be talking about stuff today and tomorrow: Friday: Singing Your Own Song In the Classroom: Teaching poetry as writers and musicians in a … Continue reading

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On Building Rome in a Day (and changing your pedagogy)

Doc Z and I presented yesterday at the Colorado Language Arts Society conference on getting away from grading, and using feedback to teach/encourage reflective practice in our students. We packed a lot into 75 minutes, and the teachers in our … Continue reading

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I Guess It Could Be Worse? Happy Saturday.

This video was posted by a teacher friend this week. It’s Japanese (by Takuya Okada, from 2011, judging by the youtube channel), and from a bit of peripheral reading I picked up that it was inspired by conversations in Japan … Continue reading

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