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Seriously Lifetouch?!

I just got my school pictures back in my mailbox at school. Lifetouch does ours, they probably do yours too. Along with the two free 4x6s that each teacher gets every year (they do our school IDs), was the following: … Continue reading

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Are you doing “Workshop?”

I was asked that question back at the beginning of the year. “Are you doing workshop?” The follow up questions usually revolve around something like ‘how will you fit it in?’ or ‘what will you not do?’ These questions reveal … Continue reading

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I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaack…

Howdy Followers of The Papergraders, Did ya miss me?! Did ya? I missed you! I missed me. I’ve been pretty quiet for the last year or so. As I posted back then, I was in a program to get my … Continue reading

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#NCTE14 Outbound

The Airport Reflection New in my bag is: A copy of Ralph Fletcher’s Breathing In, Breathing Out A copy of Wilhelm, Smith and Appleman’s UnCommon Core A copy of the videos for Best Practice by Zimmelman et al. A copy each of The Clockwork … Continue reading

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Why NCTE? (with rock video)

Apparently there is a video storytelling project going on at NCTE this year. We will throw down on that because… well, because video! So stay tuned. The two ideas suggested as topics were untold stories from teaching, or ‘why do … Continue reading

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Adventures on “The Dark Side”

I’m embarking on something new. On a good day I think of it as an adventure, and anthropological exploration. On the bad days… I’m in a program to get my principal’s licensure. It’s what you do if you want to … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, and hey, education takes people!

A very happy New Year from The Papergraders to the world. We are wishing for the best for education, our culture, the world. Oh wait, that’s redundant. They’re pretty much the same thing. This article from NPR rolled across my … Continue reading

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Almost Famous, NCTE Style and the Conjunction of Biology and Narrative

Saturday morning of NCTE. What to say? It’s NCTE. Coming to a conference like this is important for a whole bunch of reasons. It creates community both through introducing us to new people and allowing us to spend time with … Continue reading

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Cellphone Management on the Fly

We all struggle with how to manage new technologies in the classroom (and in our own lives). I know I am not alone in wondering how to teach thoughtful, respectable management of technology to my students. I can be a … Continue reading

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Science Suggests Measurable Benefits To Reading Serious Literature: From the NYT Blog

For Better Social Skills, Scientists Recommend a Little Chekhov – This article from the NYT Blog was sent to me by three different people. So I guess I had to share. It’s interesting science. But what really struck me … Continue reading

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