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On Building Rome in a Day (and changing your pedagogy)

Doc Z and I presented yesterday at the Colorado Language Arts Society conference on getting away from grading, and using feedback to teach/encourage reflective practice in our students. We packed a lot into 75 minutes, and the teachers in our … Continue reading

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And the best way to take conference notes is…

I don’t actually know what the best way is to take notes on my reading and writing conferences with my students. But a new method (to me) has recently descended upon me that is working pretty well. It all came about … Continue reading

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Fierce Kindness, Day Two, #NCTE16

I’m writing this while hanging out at Java Monkey in Decatur. Jay is strumming away on the guitar and singing his songs. We’re eating vegan cake, enjoying some wine. We actually ran into a former student of ours who now … Continue reading

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Seriously Lifetouch?!

I just got my school pictures back in my mailbox at school. Lifetouch does ours, they probably do yours too. Along with the two free 4x6s that each teacher gets every year (they do our school IDs), was the following: … Continue reading

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I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaack…

Howdy Followers of The Papergraders, Did ya miss me?! Did ya? I missed you! I missed me. I’ve been pretty quiet for the last year or so. As I posted back then, I was in a program to get my … Continue reading

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Standardized Mission Statement

Here is a school district’s interim mission statement, with my suggested edits in italics: “We develop our children’s greatest abilities and make possible the discovery and pursuit of their dreams through standardized testing, which when fulfilled can benefit us all. … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Approaches to Schooling

Yesterday was a tale of two approaches to schooling for me, each diametrically opposed to the other. (Well there was the proctoring of the mandated state testing that happened yesterday morning. It’s the season. But this post is not about … Continue reading

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Of MOOCs and Kooks

Okay, I just liked that title. This post is really about MOOCs. And I suppose we are kooks in any meaningful sense of that term. So maybe the title is appropriate after all. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses. There … Continue reading

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Beyond Dioramas: Inviting Students to Read and Read and Read

There have been some dramatic moments for my daughter in 4th grade this year. Aside from her grade-stress meltdown that I wrote about, there was also the drama of the lost reading log. My daughter’s class is nearing the end … Continue reading

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