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My workshop manifesto for the next school year #UNHLit16

As I reflect back over the last three days at #UNHLit16, my mind wants to throw down a manifesto regarding things I’ll focus on to improve my reading/writing workshop classroom for the next school year. (In case you’re keeping track, … Continue reading

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Planning a Scaffold #UNHLit16

One Year One Unit One Class This is the planning framework that Penny Kittle and Kelly Gallagher used today to walk us through their thinking about how to make sure they increase the volume of their students’ reading and writing. It was … Continue reading

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My core beliefs as a teacher #UNHLit16

Why are you choosing to do what you’re choosing to do? What are your core beliefs as a teacher? @pennykittle @KellyGtoGo That’s something I would have tweeted had I been tweeting during our time today with Penny Kittle and Kelly Gallagher … Continue reading

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When building a classroom library for reading workshop is not practical

In my incremental movement toward a high school reading/writing workshop classroom, one piece I’ve struggled with is the classroom library. I see photos of Penny Kittle’s classroom library, and I get anxious to create the same for my students. I … Continue reading

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School Ruined Reading. Ellison Brought Me Back

I recently went through the books on my shelves in my office at school. There on the shelf, back behind a stack of assorted novels, was Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. It was not just any copy of this book. … Continue reading

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#NCTE15 Day Two Blog Post: 16 Pages of Notes

I took 16 pages of notes today. Four sessions. Four awesome sessions. But first, a bit of a flashback to yesterday: So Jay and I have attended this conference together for four years in a row, bringing various colleagues with … Continue reading

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A blog post about why there haven’t been blog posts

In my head I’ve started many blog posts over the last several weeks. There was this blog post idea: This article claims (based on research) that kids who use computers in school daily have lower test scores. But it doesn’t say … Continue reading

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Are you doing “Workshop?”

I was asked that question back at the beginning of the year. “Are you doing workshop?” The follow up questions usually revolve around something like ‘how will you fit it in?’ or ‘what will you not do?’ These questions reveal … Continue reading

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What parents need to know about my classroom on back-to-school night

I’m writing this post for entirely selfish purposes. Tonight is back-to-school night, and I need to get my head around what I want to say. Things are different in my classroom this year in some pretty significant ways. I’m all … Continue reading

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Student Feedback: How my students said my class helped them as readers

I’ve been putting off this post, even at one point thought I could just not write it. But I must–this is the weak link in my classroom. I have umpteen ideas and plans about how to help my students become … Continue reading

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