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An Incomplete List–Writing with Students

At NCTE last week, the other Paper Graders and I discussed this blog space and what we want to do with it from here on out. One thing we thought we’d add is some of our own personal writing, the … Continue reading

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I asked my students, and here’s what they said worked and didn’t work in my classroom last year

Every spring, I survey my students somehow about their experience in my class so I can work to improve for the following year. This year and last year I landed on a format for this survey that has yielded some … Continue reading

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My workshop manifesto for the next school year #UNHLit16

As I reflect back over the last three days at #UNHLit16, my mind wants to throw down a manifesto regarding things I’ll focus on to improve my reading/writing workshop classroom for the next school year. (In case you’re keeping track, … Continue reading

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Student Feedback: How my students said my class helped them as writers

July. And I’m working. Who was it that said teachers take summers off? I’m perusing the data I collected at the end of the school year regarding my students’ feedback about my class. It’s great information. I think I finally … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Control for More Authentic Writer’s Notebooks

Today my students and IĀ got started on writer’s notebooks. In the past I have given students a set of guidelines to tape into their writer’s notebooks, which is a perfectly normal thing to for a teacher to do, but I … Continue reading

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