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Reign of Error tidbit: The Language of Corporate Reform

If you’re not reading Diane Ravitch’s Reign of Error, you should be. I’ll take it upon myself to post a few tidbits while I’m reading it. Here’s today’s installment: From Chapter 4, “The Language of Corporate Reform”: Recognizing that most … Continue reading

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Traversing the Chasm between Research and Practice in Education: My response to “Professors, We Need You!”

Nicholas Kristof, NYTimes columnist, recently published “Professors, We Need You!” This piece argued that academics are essentially irrelevant in the biggest debates in our society because they isolate themselves in the ivory tower and cultivate a culture that values nearly … Continue reading

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Going gradeless and ending up at the Common Core

I have a confession to make. I’m one of those teachers who has claimed to know the standards. I’ve claimed to know that I’m covering the standards just fine thank you very much, I don’t need to have them all … Continue reading

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Gratitude, despite all that is “wrong” in education today

I just read yet another piece about the ills of the teaching profession right now: A Warning to Young People: Don’t Become a Teacher. I don’t think what is depicted in that piece is necessarily inaccurate, but it is yet … Continue reading

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Testing Backlash: Zombies, Spoken Word, Opting Out

Perhaps you’ve seen this video: “I will not let an exam result decide my fate” by Suli Breaks, spoken word poet out of the UK: I’ve seen it because my students pretty much demanded I see it after I showed … Continue reading

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Standardized tests are killing our students creativity, desire to learn – The Denver Post

From a fellow Colorado teacher as we head into week two of state-mandated testing in our school this week: Standardized tests are killing our students creativity, desire to learn – The Denver Post.

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A Tale of Two Approaches to Schooling

Yesterday was a tale of two approaches to schooling for me, each diametrically opposed to the other. (Well there was the proctoring of the mandated state testing that happened yesterday morning. It’s the season. But this post is not about … Continue reading

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Grade Pressure: It Starts Young

My daughter is in 4th grade. She LOVES to read and LOVES to write and loves to learn about things in general. She asks her parents questions all the time that show us that she’s really trying to figure out … Continue reading

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Wondering about privatization? Try this: Education Policy Blog: Doing Less with More

Just in case you were wondering where we would get by letting the private sector run education at any level, I think this quote sums it up: “Absorbing roughly 30% of the federal student loan funds plus multiple private loans … Continue reading

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Making space for teaching and writing, writing and teaching

I had one of those trail runs today. It was a run where my mind got totally lost and I started writing some paragraphs in my head. Didn’t even notice that my dog was straggling waaaaaaaay behind me. See this … Continue reading

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