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Write More, Grade Less. Come see us at #NCTE18 (M.49)

With Monday off for Veterans’ Day, we’re looking at two more days of teaching before we are Houston-bound! Can’t wait to catch up, NCTE peeps, and to meet new folks too. Join us for this important conversation–bring your ideas so … Continue reading

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Writer’s Notebooks in AP Lit #WorkshopWorksForAP

The writer’s notebook is a key piece to a workshop classroom. Whatever you call it–response notebook, reader’s/writer’s notebook–the idea is that it becomes an extension of a student’s brain, the place to work out ideas, reflect, plan, wonder, ponder, keep … Continue reading

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An Incomplete List–Writing with Students

At NCTE last week, the other Paper Graders and I discussed this blog space and what we want to do with it from here on out. One thing we thought we’d add is some of our own personal writing, the … Continue reading

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New Writing Challenge: Eulogy

The last post here was November, a post I’m sure was buoyed by the energy of attending NCTE in Minneapolis. That’s a long time ago in blogville, though, if you want to cultivate readers. Readers seem to like regular content. … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Control for More Authentic Writer’s Notebooks

Today my students and IĀ got started on writer’s notebooks. In the past I have given students a set of guidelines to tape into their writer’s notebooks, which is a perfectly normal thing to for a teacher to do, but I … Continue reading

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Going gradeless and ending up at the Common Core

I have a confession to make. I’m one of those teachers who has claimed to know the standards. I’ve claimed to know that I’m covering the standards just fine thank you very much, I don’t need to have them all … Continue reading

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The answer is not to stop assigning papers…

I just ran across this in my Facebook feed: The End of the College Essay. It makes the argument that because college students hate writing papers and college teachers hate grading them, professors should simply stop assigning them (except for … Continue reading

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The Paper Graders Summer Summit 2013 Commences

Greetings! Well, we wrapped up school last week. After a weekend of lots of sleeping, reading a great novel, watching a few movies, going for a hike, winding through the streets of our town with about 50,000 other people in … Continue reading

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Learning more, ‘teaching’ less.

Oooof. The end of the school year is never easy, for me, for the students, for the parents, for anyone. And this one has been particularly tough. I have had some things happen this semester which have been really challenging … Continue reading

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Maybe a little blog post will get the brain writing…

The Paper Graders have some serious writing we want to engage over the holiday break. Today my husband and I are hiding out at a cafe with our laptops. He’s finalizing some grades from last semester and I was hoping … Continue reading

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