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Making space for teaching and writing, writing and teaching

I had one of those trail runs today. It was a run where my mind got totally lost and I started writing some paragraphs in my head. Didn’t even notice that my dog was straggling waaaaaaaay behind me. See this … Continue reading

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The thought of automated essay grading has always made me cringe…

Another thoughtful tidbit from Bud the teacher: What Automated Essay Grading Says To Children | Bud the Teacher.  

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That was painful…

My apologies for not writing the posts that are floating around in my head. I hope to get to them soon. My writing energy for the last few days has been focused upon a research presentation proposal to next year’s … Continue reading

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Is it the grading, or is it the grading?

We promised to get back to the issue of grading once we had finished doing a whole bunch of it. As I pondered this over break, considering my response to Doc Z’s throwdown on the subject, it seemed to me … Continue reading

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Research papers rock!

I’ve discovered the iPhone app Songify, which enabled me to make this: Research Papers Rock It’s a big paper, we’ve been working on it for a while, their second rough draft is due tomorrow (final draft by Monday), the semester … Continue reading

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Google Docs Fun

This is the single greatest document in the history of time, space, and Quyzzle. If you don’t know what that third one is, don’t worry. We’ll get to that. Either way, feel free to write here. Stories, song lyrics, limericks, … Continue reading

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What makes writing good?

I start the year with a bit of writing workshop. As part of that we have several discussions about what characterizes ‘good’ writing. So when we have a list of characteristics, I ask my students to try to synthesize their … Continue reading

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Out of the office, into the classroom

A great moment today at work (in a day that REALLY needed a great moment). I was writing a paper to use as a model for my students in a fairly traditional 11th Grade class. They are working on an … Continue reading

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