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Weekends without school work? Is it actually possible?

Yes! It IS possible to have weekends without school work. We’re several weeks into second semester, and somehow I’ve succeeded in not having to do any school work on the weekends. (Except for reading the books I teach. That I … Continue reading

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On Building Rome in a Day (and changing your pedagogy)

Doc Z and I presented yesterday at the Colorado Language Arts Society conference on getting away from grading, and using feedback to teach/encourage reflective practice in our students. We packed a lot into 75 minutes, and the teachers in our … Continue reading

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Some poetry, a broken bone, and gratitude that winter is over

I write this from my dining room table on the Monday of spring break. I can hear my husband typing away in the office. My daughter is working out an Adele song on the piano downstairs. I can hear rain–sorely … Continue reading

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Trust your students, trust yourself, and #StopGrading.

My colleagues and I did our #StopGrading presentation at our state ELA conference a few weeks ago. Seeing as we’ll be doing the same presentation later this month at NCTE in Atlanta, we distributed notecards to the teachers who came … Continue reading

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Step Nine: Coming to a Grade Agreement with Students as You #StopGrading

  The first semester I went gradeless, I didn’t have in place any kind of agreement with students regarding what would make an A, B, C, etc. once we had to put something in the gradebook at the end of … Continue reading

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I’m moving to Google Classroom from Schoology

Seems I’m on the hunt for the perfect online home for my classroom. Last summer I wrote with great excitement about my move to Schoology from a Google Site as the home base for my classroom. I had been using … Continue reading

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New Writing Challenge: Eulogy

The last post here was November, a post I’m sure was buoyed by the energy of attending NCTE in Minneapolis. That’s a long time ago in blogville, though, if you want to cultivate readers. Readers seem to like regular content. … Continue reading

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#NCTE15 Day Three (Mostly) in Tweets

Warning: I’m reflecting over my day/working on my day 3 blog post. There will be a few tweets here in the next few minutes. #NCTE15 — Sarah M. Zerwin (@SarahMZerwin) November 22, 2015 (On the way to dinner tonight–in my … Continue reading

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A blog post about why there haven’t been blog posts

In my head I’ve started many blog posts over the last several weeks. There was this blog post idea: This article claims (based on research) that kids who use computers in school daily have lower test scores. But it doesn’t say … Continue reading

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Student Feedback: How my students said my class helped them as readers

I’ve been putting off this post, even at one point thought I could just not write it. But I must–this is the weak link in my classroom. I have umpteen ideas and plans about how to help my students become … Continue reading

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