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NCTE14 Reflections, Friday, peppered with Tweets and feelings of inadequacy

Greetings from DC!? We’re not quite in DC. The Gaylord Hotel is not quite DC. It’s certainly something, but not quite DC. Anyhow, it was a tiring but inspiring day, as they always are at this conference. And if you’re … Continue reading

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Changes Afoot for The Paper Graders

Greetings! Sadly summer vacation is over and it’s time to get back at it. Well only sad because summer vacation is awesome but I have to admit I’m excited to get back to school. I love my job, my colleagues, … Continue reading

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Traversing the Chasm between Research and Practice in Education: My response to “Professors, We Need You!”

Nicholas Kristof, NYTimes columnist, recently published “Professors, We Need You!” This piece argued that academics are essentially irrelevant in the biggest debates in our society because they isolate themselves in the ivory tower and cultivate a culture that values nearly … Continue reading

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On the cusp of another new school year

We’ve been back to work since last Thursday, and we still have a few days before the students show up. This is a good thing because my classrooms aren’t ready and my curriculum bits aren’t finalized and my specific plans … Continue reading

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Learning more, ‘teaching’ less.

Oooof. The end of the school year is never easy, for me, for the students, for the parents, for anyone. And this one has been particularly tough. I have had some things happen this semester which have been really challenging … Continue reading

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Please read this and remember all that is right in our schools…

A 2007 teacher of the year from Arkansas writes about a view of school reform that relies on the assets that already exist within the system, rather than obsessing on the deficits. Read it here.

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How I did on my final exam and what my students can teach us all about how to get along

My seniors just finished their final for this semester, a formal speech of their research paper argument about a controversial issue in society. We organized these speeches into panel presentations focused on broad topics that unified 2 to 5 individual … Continue reading

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What I did at school today

First hour: On my way into the building, I stopped off at an IEP meeting to talk about the progress of one of my students with her and her parents. This took most of first hour. I had about five … Continue reading

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Interesting Headline: How Blaming Teachers Shortchanges Students | NEA Today

Strangely enough, some people who study education think that blaming teachers for all the problems isn’t helping. Who could have guessed that?!   How Blaming Teachers Shortchanges Students | NEA Today.

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Adventures in Parent/Teacher Conferences Part 2- What Do We Talk About?

The next contribution in our thinking about conferences. See Part 1. Two years ago, in a very Jane Tompkins moment (if you have read A Life in School) you’ll know what I mean, I made a radical change in how I … Continue reading

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