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Fear and Loathing in St. Louis (#NCTE17)

I know that sounds terrible, but it was the only good title I could think of. (I’m writing on my phone at the airport, forgive the typos) I had a great time at NCTE. I saw old friends, made new … Continue reading

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Fierce Kindness, Day Two, #NCTE16

I’m writing this while hanging out at Java Monkey in Decatur. Jay is strumming away on the guitar and singing his songs. We’re eating vegan cake, enjoying some wine. We actually ran into a former student of ours who now … Continue reading

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I don’t want to talk to parents about grades at parent/teacher conferences #StopGrading

You know the drill. Parent sits down for a conference at parent/teacher conferences. You pull up your grade records for the student. You walk the parent through the grade data, pointing out what the student is doing well and what … Continue reading

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What parents need to know about my classroom on back-to-school night

I’m writing this post for entirely selfish purposes. Tonight is back-to-school night, and I need to get my head around what I want to say. Things are different in my classroom this year in some pretty significant ways. I’m all … Continue reading

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The North End

I sat at a table in a great Italian joint this evening with some of my favorite people. I am so lucky that some of my favorite people also happen to be my colleagues at my school. I am so … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Principal: 5 Things Teachers And Administrators Can Do to Make Learning Real in Their Classrooms

It’s always good to get reminded of important things at the beginning of the year. I liked this quick list from J. Robinson who blogs a lot about teaching, technology and education. His number 1, ‘get to know your students’, … Continue reading

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The Root of the Problem

Ahhhhh…summer. No, that’s not the problem. I just had to say that before getting to the point. A little head clearing relaxation goes a long way. We’re sitting in a coffee shop today having a Papergrader Summer Summit. One of … Continue reading

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From- for the love of learning: The folly of virtual schools

This popped up in my reader inbox. I couldn’t hep but think about the Sal Khan story of a week or so ago. It is relationship that makes school work. And when it does more than work, when it is … Continue reading

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Small Moment, Big Win

I know we get caught up, especially on this blog, with larger issues in education- policy, politics, philosophy. And all that stuff is important, and we like thinking about it (when our heads are not exploding). But we are teachers, … Continue reading

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Why I am an English Teacher- A Story

At our session at NCTE, Dr. Z and I took a little bit of our time to tell the story of how each of us came to be the teachers we are today. In lieu of retelling that story, which … Continue reading

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