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#NCTE14 Saturday reflections, with artifacts, inspiration, and gratitude

Whereas yesterday left me feeling somewhat inadequate, today left me feeling inspired. That is the roller coaster of great professional development if you ask me. The day started at 7am with a run with Liz–my former high school student from … Continue reading

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Come See Us at NCTE!

We’re looking forward to this year’s NCTE convention. Hard to believe it’s only two weeks away. I’ve never been to D.C., so I’m pretty psyched. Saturday, November 22, 2014, 4:15-5:30pm:

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Gratitude, despite all that is “wrong” in education today

I just read yet another piece about the ills of the teaching profession right now: A Warning to Young People: Don’t Become a Teacher. I don’t think what is depicted in that piece is necessarily inaccurate, but it is yet … Continue reading

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Almost Famous, NCTE Style and the Conjunction of Biology and Narrative

Saturday morning of NCTE. What to say? It’s NCTE. Coming to a conference like this is important for a whole bunch of reasons. It creates community both through introducing us to new people and allowing us to spend time with … Continue reading

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David Coleman, Common Core, and Storytelling

There has been a lot of chatter on the intertubes in the last six months about how the Common Core will or will not cause the removal, reduction or shift of the place of fiction in the Language Arts curriculum. … Continue reading

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Huckleberry Finn’s ending? Psychology and artistic interpretation from Sci Am Blogs

This article, offering a psychological take on the problematic ending of Huck Finn, rolled up in google reader and made for an interesting distraction this afternoon. I have long agreed with the critical viewpoint that the ending of the novel … Continue reading

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Needed: True-to-Life Classroom Narratives as Counter Narratives

The problem with schools these days… The problem is that everyone is trying to tell his own version of the problem, and depending on who you listen to, the story differs. The problem is poverty, or the problem is inequitable … Continue reading

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Everything You’ve Heard About Failing Schools Is Wrong | Mother Jones

Powerful piece here written by a journalist who spent several months in Mission High School in California. This tells the story of a school that is successful with its diverse population on every measure except the standardized tests. These tests … Continue reading

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Another Teacher’s Voice- VEA – How Did This Happen?

  Another teacher’s voice in the chorus. VEA – How Did This Happen?.   We are recovering from a tough end to the school year. More thinking on its way! Stay tuned.

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Mission Clarified

I had the lucky opportunity to attend the Colorado Day of Writing this past weekend. And what a gift. I haven’t had a whole day to talk and think about writing for a very long time. I didn’t get much … Continue reading

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