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Fear and Loathing in St. Louis (#NCTE17)

I know that sounds terrible, but it was the only good title I could think of. (I’m writing on my phone at the airport, forgive the typos) I had a great time at NCTE. I saw old friends, made new … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning at #NCTE17 (authenticity)

Whew! That was a day, wasn’t it?! Z did a pretty good job getting the global feel last night in her post– me I was pooped and went to bed. I woke up this morning thinking about our presentation yesterday, … Continue reading

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My Top Takeaways from #NCTE15

I’m sitting in my living room in Colorado, the first day of Thanksgiving break coming to a close. I got home from Minneapolis last evening and opted for checking in my with my family over finishing this blog post (that … Continue reading

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Gratitude, despite all that is “wrong” in education today

I just read yet another piece about the ills of the teaching profession right now: A Warning to Young People: Don’t Become a Teacher. I don’t think what is depicted in that piece is necessarily inaccurate, but it is yet … Continue reading

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Again: Relevance, why Twitter? SmartBlogs

Again: Relevance, why Twitter? SmartBlogs. Tom Whitby, in the above post, makes a great case for Twitter for educators. The only beef I have with his position is that I am not as sure as he is that educators were … Continue reading

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Making space for teaching and writing, writing and teaching

I had one of those trail runs today. It was a run where my mind got totally lost and I started writing some paragraphs in my head. Didn’t even notice that my dog was straggling waaaaaaaay behind me. See this … Continue reading

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Papergraders Summer Summit Starts Today!

So here we are at the Papergraders Summer Summit. We are appropriately caffeinated and wifi is running. Let the brilliant thinking begin! More to Come…

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Another Teacher’s Voice- VEA – How Did This Happen?

  Another teacher’s voice in the chorus. VEA – How Did This Happen?.   We are recovering from a tough end to the school year. More thinking on its way! Stay tuned.

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Dorky literary allusion to Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations as a vehicle for discussing my role as an educator

The educational bureaucracy wants simple, easy-to-read data, but students are human beings with complex intellectual and emotional needs. Can I serve both the system and my students? Try cramming a square peg into a round hole. Now imagine that the … Continue reading

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Hitting the big time!

The piece I wrote on TFA last week has been picked up by   What Wendy Kopp Got Wrong With Teach For America | Education | AlterNet.   While enjoying my 15 minutes of fame, I can’t help but … Continue reading

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