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A blog post about why there haven’t been blog posts

In my head I’ve started many blog posts over the last several weeks. There was this blog post idea: This article¬†claims (based on research) that kids who use computers in school daily have lower test scores. But it doesn’t say … Continue reading

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I Guess It Could Be Worse? Happy Saturday.

This video was posted by a teacher friend this week. It’s Japanese (by Takuya Okada, from 2011, judging by the youtube channel), and from a bit of peripheral reading I picked up that it was inspired by conversations in Japan … Continue reading

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Marinating myself in the work of Donald Graves

For some reason, I escaped my PhD program without studying the work of Donald Graves. Well, it makes sense. I’m focused on secondary literacy and his work was largely with elementary writers. And my dissertation focused on teaching literature, not … Continue reading

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#NCTE14 Saturday reflections, with artifacts, inspiration, and gratitude

Whereas yesterday left me feeling somewhat inadequate, today left me feeling inspired. That is the roller coaster of great professional development if you ask me. The day started at 7am with a run with Liz–my former high school student from … Continue reading

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NCTE14 Reflections, Friday, peppered with Tweets and feelings of inadequacy

Greetings from DC!? We’re not quite in DC. The Gaylord Hotel is not quite DC. It’s certainly something, but not quite DC. Anyhow, it was a tiring but inspiring day, as they always are at this conference. And if you’re … Continue reading

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Gratitude, despite all that is “wrong” in education today

I just read yet another piece about the ills of the teaching profession right now: A Warning to Young People: Don’t Become a Teacher. I don’t think what is depicted in that piece is necessarily inaccurate, but it is yet … Continue reading

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Art. Is. Power.

Day one of #ncte13 and my mind is full, in that way that only happens here surrounded by my people. Thank you everyone who pushed my thinking today. And thank you especially to First Wave’s hip hop art masterpiece at … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

The snow day is one of the true gifts of being a teacher. Mister S and I do a lot of writing in this blog where we push back at certain parts of our teacher world. We do that push … Continue reading

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