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It was summer and now it’s not

You know, there’s absolutely no slow transition back into a school year. It’s the end of August and I’ve already been teaching for a week and a half and back to work for two and a half weeks. About three … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Public School Teacher

Here’s an excellent piece (link below) from a Chicago teacher about how much time he puts into his job in a typical day. He’s responding directly to claims from the outside that teachers’ work days are abysmally short, that students … Continue reading

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Teacher Summers “Off”

As I write this, the keyboard feels foreign beneath my fingertips. I’m sitting on the patio of the Mesa Lakes Resort Lodge, at nearly 10,000 feet above sea level on the Grand Mesa in western Colorado. I’m watching some clouds … Continue reading

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Thoughts on how technology can(not) help with the grading load

Here’s a thoughtful piece on grading from Bud Hunt: You Should Probably Just Grade Less | Bud the Teacher. Now that I’ve had some space from the hectic pace of the school year, I’m ready to re-think my approaches to … Continue reading

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Still here…

Greetings. We’re still here. It’s just that time of year. And The Paper Graders had kind of a stressful week at school. I’m holed up today at a cafe. My view through the wall of windows is of the sparkling … Continue reading

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Yes! This is what we need!

A recent ASCD Express confronts issues surrounding teacher burnout. Finally I see someone else arguing that what we need is not more money but certain improvements to our working conditions (like more time built into the day to do the … Continue reading

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As long as we simply endure and permit, no meaningful change will come.

I’ve been involved in an email conversation over the last few days with some colleagues, started by a district administrator who wanted to find out from us how the most effective teachers in the district are managing all the change … Continue reading

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Without Systemic Change, we Grade

Okay, Mister S. Finally I am responding to your response to my response to your post in response to my initial post about grading. Yep it appears we have started a blog war here. My apologies first and foremost for taking … Continue reading

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But I am grading

Okay Mister S, you called me out in that post you just wrote. I quote:  (although she really needs to change her terminology, because that post is about responding to students with effective feedback, not grading). Yes, I have spent … Continue reading

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Is it the grading, or is it the grading?

We promised to get back to the issue of grading once we had finished doing a whole bunch of it. As I pondered this over break, considering my response to Doc Z’s throwdown on the subject, it seemed to me … Continue reading

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