I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaack…

Howdy Followers of The Papergraders,

Did ya miss me?! Did ya?

I missed you! I missed me.

I’ve been pretty quiet for the last year or so. As I posted back then, I was in a program to get my administrative license, and as a part of that process I ended up serving a year as the Dean of Students for our school last year. Which was a departure for office 831.  That was an incredible challenging, interesting, exhausting and illuminating…and I’m REALLY glad it’s over.

To be clear, I had the chance to work with a amazing team, all of whom were incredibly kind and patient with me. I was allowed to do the work in a way that seemed to fit me and feel like the right approach, and I think I did a decent job. I even ended up with my admin license. But I really didn’t like it.

Which is especially clear to me now that I’m back in the classroom.

I’m back teaching 9th grade for the first time in ten years.

I’m back teaching Theory of Knowledge for the first time in five years.

I’m not in office 831. Okay, so it’s not ALL rosy. But I’m right down the hall.

I have a student teacher this semester.

I don’t carry a radio.

I’mmmmm sooooooooo haaaaaaaaappppppppyyyyyyyyyy.

I like being a teacher. I’m glad I had that learning experience. It will be meaningful in how I deal with students. I’m even glad I had some time away from the classroom for the first time in 13 years. I will do some writing this year about last year and I may share some of that writing here. Some of it will be funny. Some will not. Really not.

But mostly I just want to say a joyful hello to my students, and to you, our readers.

Stay tuned. More is coming.

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  1. Tracy Brennan says:

    We are so glad you are back where you belong, teaching English and TOK!

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