CLAS 2015

Two of us presented at the Colorado Language Arts Society Conference this weekend. We discussed our own struggles in trying to implement a workshop pedagogy in high school classrooms.

Here is the intro video we created:

And here is a link to our slides:

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3 Responses to CLAS 2015

  1. steviq says:

    Sarah and Jay, I’m feeling quite guilty that I never got back to you two about your CLAS presentation. It was a stunning presentation because of the quality of your thinking. How I wish there were more “out of the box” thinking like what you’re doing, and how I wish more teachers were paying attention to research like you are. I hope you’re okay if I share your work. It’s what so many teachers need! Stevi

    • Mr. S says:

      Stevi- Thank YOU! We really appreciated having you there, as two former students of yours it was a treat. Thanks for your kind words, and share away! Best- S and J

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