Looking ahead at #NCTE15

It’s the week before Thanksgiving break, and that must mean that it’s almost time for NCTE.

The weather report for Minneapolis shows the daytime temperatures are dropping by about 20 degrees just in time for us to all be there for a few days. I guess that means I’ll need my heavy winter coat and that I’ll be grateful for the Skyway since our hotel is about seven blocks from the convention center (is it kind of like a human hamster track? I’m oddly excited about the Skyway). We’re still heavy into sunshiny fall days (crisp air, warm sun) here in Boulder. The blizzard that hit Denver and areas south and east this week completely ignored us. So I’m bracing myself for the midwest cold I’ll see tomorrow.

We’re not presenting this year. We wanted to talk about the obstacles to workshop teaching in high school and how we’re navigating them–same presentation basically that we ended up doing at our state conference this year. It’s really fine that our presentation proposal wasn’t accepted–can’t expect to end up on the program every year. And to be honest, I’m looking forward to just focusing on learning and connecting without the added stress of presenting. I’ve already got my conference schedule packed with presentations I want to attend–the hardest part will be deciding which presentation to go to for each session.

My lesson plans for my substitute teacher for the next two days are stacked neatly on my desk at school, safe under the lobster paperweight (one of my favorite student gifts ever, right up there with the Death Star shaped tea infuser). My bag is packed. I’ve got my writer’s notebook and my favorite pen ready to take notes. I pulled the warm winter coat out of the hall closet. I’ve figured out how to use the light rail to get from the airport to the hotel tomorrow. There are plans to dine this weekend with Colorado colleagues I don’t have enough time to see ever in the midst of the school year. My alarm is set for 5am so I can be ready at 6:15am for my ride to the bus to the airport. In my wallet–exact change for the bus here and the light rail there, my driver’s license, my credit card. Water bottle, a few snack bars, some Chocolove 65% dark, warm hat, favorite scarf, gloves. Various devices are charging on the kitchen counter, ready to be squirreled away in the morning. I think I’m ready.

I’m looking forward to being in the company of a few thousand colleagues.

See you in Minneapolis!



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