#NCTE16: Stop Grading. Survive Teaching. Rock out with Jay.



We have two more days in our classrooms before we board a jet plane and head east to Atlanta for NCTE16!

We’re thrilled to be traveling and presenting with a few of our colleagues this year, and we’re looking forward to catching up with our NCTE friends.

Join us for some conversation–we’ve been thinking about ways to move away from traditional grading and we’ve been thinking about how to survive teaching (and somehow there is a lot of crossover between those two topics…). We’d love to hear about what you’ve figured out in these areas too.

And you may not know that one of The Paper Graders is a singer/songwriter. Jay Stott will be performing on Friday night at a coffee house just outside of Atlanta. Looks like it’s an easy ride on the east-west MARTA line to get there. We enjoy populating his audience when he plays in Colorado. Join us for this Georgia gig?

Safe travels everyone–see you in Atlanta!

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