Help us present at SXSWedu

We have submitted a proposal to present at SXSWedu in Austin in March.

Proposals are being crowd sourced–so the more positive feedback we get on our proposal, the better are our chances for presenting at this conference.

From what I can tell, our proposal is one of less than five (out of around 200) from practicing K12 teachers. The bulk of the proposals appear to be from the technology industry. The rest from university academics. I think our perspective is needed here. Especially since I see that we may be the only ones proposing to address the arguments against technology (as I’ve done here and here) and defend its use in the classroom. I think it’s dangerous to take it for granted that the policy brokers and decision makers out there agree implicitly that whatever technology you’re selling is useful in the classroom. Also, our presentation will SHOW what a technology-enhanced classroom can look like in the 21st century, our attempt to walk the walk and not just talk about it.

Go here to vote for our proposal and possibly comment on the critical import of what we hope to say and do at this conference. Please do this as soon as possible–voting and commenting on proposals only goes until October 28.


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