This is NOT 21st Century Collaboration!

We are working on a new structure for a presentation we are preparing (NCTE– in two weeks!) We had a pretty dynamic conversation the other day, in which we worked out a whole new way of framing the issues we are focusing on. So while sitting in a meeting yesterday I started playing around with our new ideas in a presentation format (using Prezi). Did I have notes? No. We had captured our thinking in a most un21st century way!


Well, I guess we’re going for progress, not perfection. Right?!?!

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3 Responses to This is NOT 21st Century Collaboration!

  1. DocZ says:

    I just typed up the sticky notes on a Google Doc and shared it with you, Mister S…

    • DocZ says:

      And in our defense, I wrote on the sticky notes to capture our thinking so we wouldn’t lose it and I posted the sticky notes on my desk in a place where you also could see them, but we didn’t think about the fact that both of us might be working on the ideas when not within viewing distance of my desk, right?

    • MisterS says:

      That’s VERY 21st century!

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