Response to PhDs as K12 teachers…

Greetings! We’re a bit overwhelmed over here at how many folks read that last blog post. That’s kind of awesome.

But what’s REALLY awesome is a comment the post received from one of my husband’s former biology students–funny how the internet can bring us together in unexpected ways:

I arrived on your article quite by accident. While reading your post, I couldn’t help but think of a teacher I had in High School who had his doctorate, he was by far one of the best teachers I have ever had. As I continued reading your post, nodding my head in agreement, I began to notice a disturbing number of similarities between my teacher and your husband. Upon finishing the article I began searching your blog, only to discover your husband was my high school biology teacher.

As I student, I feel I gained a great deal from having a PhD teach my biology class. I feel in the high school environment I was able to gain far more knowledge than a college lecture. This idea was cemented after I took BIO 101 in college. The class was taught less and comprehended an even smaller fraction of the knowledge I was taught by your husband. Your husband’s teaching style, in a class that other teachers might not care about (normal high school biology, not Advanced or AP), had a profound impact on the students and classroom. I am profoundly grateful for that.

Thanks to both you and your husband for coming back to K12 and teaching where, I feel, you have a greater chance of changing lives.

This comment totally made my day (and my husband’s of course).

Thanks, readers!

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  1. Robert LaRue says:

    Even within the Boulder Bubble teachers seldom get the public respect they deserve. At least, eventually, our students provide us with the support that keeps us coming back. I’m insufficiently focused to pursue a PhD, but absolutely admire those who do and then continue to teach K12. Patty Limerick may be the only college prof who gets away with wearing a funny costume around campus… at least in high school we still get to do that.

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