Google Duh

Just a quick post here to share a “duh” moment I had yesterday.

I spent about 45 minutes yesterday morning going through a stack of writer’s notebook self evaluations, entering into a Google spreadsheet the scores my students gave themselves for each component they should be developing in their writer’s notebooks, and then transferring the resulting scores to the grade book. I have my students do these self evaluations several times each semester.

I was about three quarters of the way through this task when I realized that, DUH, my students could have filled out a Google Form instead of writing the self-evaluation on paper and then their responses would be put into a spreadsheet for me where I could then simply add another column to tabulate their scores and voila! DONE.

Funny how in small moments like this we discover ways to leverage technology to make our teaching work better.

Funny that I didn’t see this use of technology until now, even though I’ve been using Google Apps heavily in my classroom for all kinds of things for two school years.

Funny how we sometimes can’t see beyond the ways we have always done things even when a better way is staring us right in the face.

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