Bud Hunt on textbooks in the 21st century…

I’ve always been pretty much anti-textbook. I never liked how text books removed my students from the original text. I’d much rather have the original text in their hands.

I know our district is trying to figure out how we should be spending our textbook money as ebooks become more available and we move closer to 1 to 1 computing for our students. I came across some great thinking on the future of text books in the 21st century from Bud Hunt. Here’s a tidbit:

in the race to create One Book to lead them all, our publishers gave us stuff that wasn’t super-duper for anybody. And we bought it.

We’ve got to better the textbook. Not move beyond it.

Click here to read more: Not #beyondthetextbook. #betterthetextbook | Bud the Teacher.

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