Celebrities Are Taking Over! And Not In A Good Way

This quick post by Diane Ravitch passed my way (thanks to Liz Homan).

Celebrity Policymaking « Diane Ravitchs blog.

Sad, but quite in keeping with American culture. We claim we want performance, but we continually substitute short term gratification for the sort of sustained, unsexy, thoughtful effort that has made school systems in places like Finland or Singapore into the sorts of educational systems we think we need to compete with.

 Of course, the whole ‘our schools are failing’ war cry is utter nonsenese. There are problems, but when you compare our better off students (and they don’t even have to be that better off, just not the most impoverished) to those other systems, we do fine. And if you take our most advantaged public school students (the ones from the ‘leafy green suburbs’ such as the one in which we teach), no nation or system in the world beats us.

It is ironic, as Ravitch points out.  Obviously the solution to our real and serious problems in education is to allow sports stars to run schools. That makes a lot of sense. Maybe they should do heart surgery too, cause, you know, there is an obvious transference of skills.

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