Interesting thoughts: Why do teachers bargain?

This, from a blog by Canadian teacher Dave Martin.

He makes a point I think we often fail to make at all. The main thing teachers are normally trying to get is conditions under which they can do their work in the best possible manner. Being paid reasonably is a part of that, but so are many other things. The negotiation process, and the media surrounding that, often overlooks the fact than many other things are dealt with in negotiations besides compensation, most of which have to do with letting teachers create the best possible learning experience for kids.

Real teaching means real learning: Why do teachers bargain?.

This post was via Joe Bower.

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  1. Andy says:

    Absolutely! Teachers sometimes bargain for (deserved) increases in compensation. But I have also seen bargaining for textbooks for kids, class size reductions, technology. Teachers want the resources that will allow them to enable their students to succeed. The media makes much of benefits/pay issues — that’s only a small fraction of the bargaining story.

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