Words with Friends obsession

Our students are obsessed with Words with Friends, a smart phone app for a Scrabble-like word game between you and anyone else who has the app. I signed up on Thursday last week, and I’ve already got about nine games going with students and colleagues.

Prior to downloading the app and joining the frenzy, I encountered several students struggling to play a word–even helped a few of them out when they were stuck. But on it goes–they are literally obsessed.

I find this interesting on several levels. It’s a word game. They are playing with language–yes it’s also engages mathematical thinking what with the scoring and the arranging the words on the board and the problem solving, but it’s also a word game. I can’t imagine my students getting together on a Friday night for a Scrabble party, but my phone kept buzzing at me on Friday and Saturday night to let me know it was my turn to play in a game because one of my students had taken his/her turn. They are sneaking their phones out in class just to play a word in a Words with Friends game. They are obsessed with a word game.

I’ve been laughing maniacally at this. Okay maybe not, but I think it’s awesome that they are playing around with words and loving it, unable to resist it. It makes me wonder how else I could get them engaged in the subject matter of my class in a similarly obsessed manner where they are learning and thriving on it beyond their better judgment, sneaking their phones out in other classes to do something for my class…

Oh, and F. Scott–it’s your turn in Words with Friends…

signing off–
M. Shelley

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