It was summer and now it’s not

You know, there’s absolutely no slow transition back into a school year. It’s the end of August and I’ve already been teaching for a week and a half and back to work for two and a half weeks.

About three weeks ago, it was still summer vacation and now it’s just not any more.

That may seem totally obvious to you, but I’m amazed at how quickly I’m right back into the crazy busy schedule.

Is it Monday? I’m not totally sure. Seems like enough happened today that it could have easily filled a few days of work: graded two stacks of reading quizzes and posted grades, posted lesson plans for tomorrow, pulled together staff contracts for the student publications I advise, taught five classes, whittled down email inbox to under 50 messages (my daily goal but not something I’ve seen since some time last week), read a few chapters in the book my seniors and I are reading, attended 2-hour after school district curriculum council meeting, went by the Apple store to pick up one of those thingies to connect my computer to the projector in my classroom…got home at 7:15 and went for a run before eating dinner, hung out with the kid for a bit before she went to bed, sat down at the computer to finish up what I need to get ready for tomorrow, decided to write a quick blog post.

I think that in an odd way I live for the busy-ness.

Just hard to believe that not too long ago I was on summer break time, you know, that time of the year when I can actually do things like knit.

And now all of a sudden, I’m not on summer break time. I’m back to school in all its chaos and frenzy.

And thriving on it (for now).

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  1. @swpax says:

    Wow! Been feeling quite similar, which lead to a post I wrote tonight, a mind stream-type post on time. It’s reassuring to see I’m not the only frazzled one.

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