Update on Tuesday Writing Days

Just because I feel the need to be accountable to someone, here’s how my Tuesday writing evenings have been going since I recently declared that I would reserve time once each week to write:

  • 9/4: Made declaration
  • 9/11: Wrote about “The Principal’s Office”
  • 9/18: Started the blog post that I finished and posted this evening.
  • 9/25: Met with colleagues to plan our upcoming presentation at the Colorado Language Arts Society conference and the National Council for Teachers of English annual conference in November.
  • 10/1: Completed this blog post. (yes, I’m aware it’s Monday and not Tuesday, but tomorrow will find me hanging out with a group of moms from my daughter’s school so I blocked out time tonight to write instead.)

So it’s been one month since my declaration to reserve Tuesday evenings to write, space to work on projects beyond my teaching responsibilities. The list is long–and I’ve not made much a dent in it, but I’m pleased that I have achieved some space to write regularly.

Now about my promise to myself to get more sleep…

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One Response to Update on Tuesday Writing Days

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for this post. I’ve struggled at times with when to write and how often. I have lots to say, and much to contribute –but feel crunched for time. I used to post at least once a week…but my pledge was I’d post once a week, so it ended up being something left until Friday. I’m hopeful I can find my way back to a schedule. Your guidance may be of some help. Keep up the good work!

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