Maybe a little blog post will get the brain writing…

The Paper Graders have some serious writing we want to engage over the holiday break.

Today my husband and I are hiding out at a cafe with our laptops. He’s finalizing some grades from last semester and I was hoping to get some writing done toward the aforementioned “serious writing” before I meet with the other Paper Graders next week.

Brain is not cooperating.

Brain only seems to want to look at Facebook. And change all of my passwords on all of my accounts (gmail account got hacked at 3am today and sent out random links to people in my address book). And look at Facebook. And read the local newspaper because apparently there are coyotes on the east side of town that have been “menacing” people on the bike path. And look at my work email account just to remind myself that I won’t be doing anything useful with that until we get back to school on the 7th. And look at Facebook. And realize that my hands are getting tired typing. And look at Facebook.

Do you see my problem here?

I HAVE actually compiled a bunch of stuff on a document to start writing the thing I want to write. I just haven’t actually started doing any real for sure writing.

But maybe I can now that I’ve written this. Wish me luck!

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