Reading, reading, reading…

We have been reading Penny Kittle’s Book Love and talking a lot about how we might set up our classes so as to encourage more reading. I know in my honors level 11th grade class, if the students only read the assigned books, they really aren’t reading enough.

As is the case with our teaching of writing, Kittle makes the point that you can’t teach kids to be readers without being a reader. Now, it’s not like I’m not a reader. But I have heightened my awareness of what I am reading, how often I am reading, why I read what I read, and what variety there is in my reading. A big part of modeling behavior is just making it public, so I’ve been talking more in class about what I am reading.

I also posted to the blog that I share with students listing the books I have read so far this year. This isn’t radical change, yet, but its a start. We are thinking about what we will do next year to bring reading more fully into our classroom practice.

Here is my book update, if you want to see what’s been on my bedside table.

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  1. Hello!
    I, too, share with students what I’m reading… whether it be blogs, tweets, YA books, picture books, professional books… One way we share that’s fairly easy for anyone to do: put a shelf on your blog. Here’s our class shelf: (on the right side, a bit down), and I have my own on this site: . I also tag what I’m currently reading in my email signature, and on the sign on the classroom door. (“Mrs. Kirr is currently reading _______. Her next book is _______.) Enjoy sharing with your kids, and make sure they can share just as much!
    Joy Kirr

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