The Paper Graders Summer Summit 2013 Commences

at the cafe
The scene at our cluster of tables at the cafe today as we write.


Well, we wrapped up school last week. After a weekend of lots of sleeping, reading a great novel, watching a few movies, going for a hike, winding through the streets of our town with about 50,000 other people in the 10k race that takes over our town on Memorial Day every year (I have blisters to show for it this year), some relaxing time with family… I think I’m ready to re-engage the brain to try to get some work done.

So it starts with The Paper Graders Summer Summit 2013. We have a few days on the calendar this summer where we plan to hole up at our local cafe to write. We’re working on a book proposal we’ve not had time to make progress on because of school. But now that school is out, there is time and brain space to put toward that book proposal.

But we’re starting slowly. I’m blog posting. Two other paper graders are, well, grading papers (grades are due by 3pm today). One paper grader is actually reading her last draft to figure out where to start writing today.

At least one of us is working on that book proposal!

It’s rainy today and a bit cooler than it’s been. Perfect for holing up in the cafe and writing.

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