On the cusp of another new school year

We’ve been back to work since last Thursday, and we still have a few days before the students show up. This is a good thing because my classrooms aren’t ready and my curriculum bits aren’t finalized and my specific plans for the first few days are not nailed down. It’s all currently more amorphous than is comfortable for me for when I’m actually standing in my classroom with my students. You know, I want them to see me as a prepared and organized educator as a first impression and, well, I’m not exactly there yet. But I’ll get there.

The theme for this year from our admin. team is change–from the new copiers all over the building to the new teacher evaluation system we’re working toward to new conversations about grading and what it all means. I’m good with this. And I’ve got a few ideas for change myself: this is the year I will launch into posting video content for my students on my class web page–me, explaining things, giving instructions, doing read-alouds where I model critical reading strategies, etc. I’m taking baby steps into the flipped classroom world.

But even though I’m not actually ready to launch the year with my students, I’m antsy to meet them. There are only so many days I can be in the school without them. At the center of our building is a commons area of sorts. It’s really the heartbeat of our school, and on school days it is full of students. But this week the benches are empty. The lockers are silent. The lovely cacophony of student voices is yet to begin. I of course enjoy the company of my colleagues; the work we’ve done together so far in these first few days without the students has been meaningful and a great way to contextualize the school year. But it’s all about the students–that is the reason we are here, and I would like to get started with them.

(After I get my classrooms set up and my curriculum bits finalized and my specific plans for the first few days nailed down, of course.)


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