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Responding to responses: dy/dan » Sal Khan On 60 Minutes

Khan Academy is getting a lot of press right now. Dan Meyer’s take seems to confirm a suspicion I’ve had for a while. Yes, technology and connectivity can do some pretty cool things for education (and if you read this … Continue reading

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Mr. President, please make sense.

So , the state of the union was on Tuesday. And the President said some nice stuff about teachers. Which he did last time there was an election. But my cynicism cup runneth over. As everyone on facebook and twitter … Continue reading

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Measuring Away Our Dignity

Last week, Mister S tweeted a link to an interview with Diane Ravitch recently published in Education Leadership. That interview has been turning over in my mind ever since. Mister S and I had the opportunity to see Ravitch speak … Continue reading

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Response to PhDs as K12 teachers…

Greetings! We’re a bit overwhelmed over here at how many folks read that last blog post. That’s kind of awesome. But what’s REALLY awesome is a comment the post received from one of my husband’s former biology students–funny how the … Continue reading

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