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Drafting Presentations Part 1: Epiphany

I was sitting in class today, listening to the sixth of seventeen group presentations I will hear in the next three days. They were pretty much bad. Not bad in the inarticulate way, but bad in the ‘we’re going through … Continue reading

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Cellphone Management on the Fly

We all struggle with how to manage new technologies in the classroom (and in our own lives). I know I am not alone in wondering how to teach thoughtful, respectable management of technology to my students. I can be a … Continue reading

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Reflections on NCTE 2012, looking back from a dining room table in Iowa

Okay so I didn’t write yet for conference day three. I blame the Las Vegas strip. After the last session we attended Saturday, we headed out to explore the strip. That means that we walked from the MGM Grand all … Continue reading

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I think I’m ready…first day of school approaching!

It’s the first day of school tomorrow. I have crossed off everything on the to-do list I brought home with me this evening. Yet still I’m having a hard time leaving my computer and going to bed. Surely there must … Continue reading

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It’s all about engagement

I agree whole heartedly with this piece’s (from the Washington Post) argument that meaningful schooling is all about engagement. And I agree as well that the testing movement (and all the stakes attached to those test scores) can get in … Continue reading

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The Root of the Problem

Ahhhhh…summer. No, that’s not the problem. I just had to say that before getting to the point. A little head clearing relaxation goes a long way. We’re sitting in a coffee shop today having a Papergrader Summer Summit. One of … Continue reading

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Responding to responses: dy/dan » Sal Khan On 60 Minutes

Khan Academy is getting a lot of press right now. Dan Meyer’s take seems to confirm a suspicion I’ve had for a while. Yes, technology and connectivity can do some pretty cool things for education (and if you read this … Continue reading

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Changing the conversation (grades v. learning)

As one might have gathered from previous posts, I am feeling pretty miserable about grades right now. Not miserable about responding to student work, which is what helps learning to happen, and not assessing the progress of student learning, but … Continue reading

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Small Moment, Big Win

I know we get caught up, especially on this blog, with larger issues in education- policy, politics, philosophy. And all that stuff is important, and we like thinking about it (when our heads are not exploding). But we are teachers, … Continue reading

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THESE students will be fine in the future 21st century world…

There’s been another installment to The New York Times series, “Grading the Digital School.” This time we learn about a school in Silicon Valley that makes screen time illegal and argues that its students are better off for it (see … Continue reading

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