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A Letter for Colleges: What If Your Students Were Learners First?

Ran across this on the intertubes this morning at Joe Bower’s blog. It’s a model ‘letter’ a grade free school could use to send to colleges on behalf of its students, written by Alfie Kohn. I’ll just quote a part: … Continue reading

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Adventures in Parent/Teacher Conferences, Part 1 (of 3 we hope)

I’m tired. Parent/Teacher conferences do that to me. It seems like it takes a few days to recover. And my recovery days this time around were an all-day field trip the next day, an evening conference the day after that, … Continue reading

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The Root of the Problem

Ahhhhh…summer. No, that’s not the problem. I just had to say that before getting to the point. A little head clearing relaxation goes a long way. We’re sitting in a coffee shop today having a Papergrader Summer Summit. One of … Continue reading

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Dorky literary allusion to Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations as a vehicle for discussing my role as an educator

The educational bureaucracy wants simple, easy-to-read data, but students are human beings with complex intellectual and emotional needs. Can I serve both the system and my students? Try cramming a square peg into a round hole. Now imagine that the … Continue reading

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Blog throwdown! “Grading” and other offensive words. Bonus tuba solo.

Okay Z, it’s on! The post I was referring to, The Evolution of Grading, was, in fact, mostly about responding to student work. Readers who click the link will find that you have edited the language in the first line. … Continue reading

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