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But I am grading

Okay Mister S, you called me out in that post you just wrote. I quote:  (although she really needs to change her terminology, because that post is about responding to students with effective feedback, not grading). Yes, I have spent … Continue reading

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Changing the conversation (grades v. learning)

As one might have gathered from previous posts, I am feeling pretty miserable about grades right now. Not miserable about responding to student work, which is what helps learning to happen, and not assessing the progress of student learning, but … Continue reading

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Evolution of Grading

One thing I’ve learned about grading responding to my students’ writing is that there’s just no way to do it quickly. (Note about the crossed out word up there–Mister S said after he read this in rough draft form that … Continue reading

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Google Duh

Just a quick post here to share a “duh” moment I had yesterday. I spent about 45 minutes yesterday morning going through a stack of writer’s notebook self evaluations, entering into a Google spreadsheet the scores my students gave themselves … Continue reading

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Is it the grading, or is it the grading?

We promised to get back to the issue of grading once we had finished doing a whole bunch of it. As I pondered this over break, considering my response to Doc Z’s throwdown on the subject, it seemed to me … Continue reading

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How long does it take to grade 88 persuasive research papers?

31 hours, 48 minutes is how long it took. That’s 31 hours and 48 minutes between a Monday and the following Sunday, 31 hours and 48 minutes outside of my 40-hour work week, taken from my evenings, my weekend, the … Continue reading

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To grade or not to grade…

On the heels of my efforts this week to grade my 88 research papers (which, as I expected, are taking me a huge amount of time), Mister S challenged me in a conversation in the office yesterday whilst I ate … Continue reading

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Research paper grading commences

I collected 88 persuasive research papers from my seniors today. I have exactly eleven days to grade them to keep myself free of grading over the holiday break. Will I make it? I will write another post detailing the time … Continue reading

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