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Community, Connection, Articulation, Reflection, Creation

We had a group of teachers from another school visit us yesterday (Z gets all the credit for making that happen, I just show up and talk). They spent the day hanging out in our classes, asking questions, sharing ideas. … Continue reading

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Why NCTE? (with rock video)

Apparently there is a video storytelling project going on at NCTE this year. We will throw down on that because… well, because video! So stay tuned. The two ideas suggested as topics were untold stories from teaching, or ‘why do … Continue reading

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NCTE Reflections: What we write down IS what we value: why I still don’t like CCSS

Some thoughts after letting Las Vegas percolate for a week or so- assisted by massive helpings of turkey and pumpkin pie. Doc Z threw down her thoughts here the other day. 1) As always, it’s really exciting and energizing to … Continue reading

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NCTE reflection- Only as far as the airport!

Sitting at O’Hare waiting for the flight. As we said two days ago, I am sure it will take months to process the last few days. It was fun to make some new friends, see some old friends, and just … Continue reading

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Procedural Display and Fake Reading: My Story of Coming to Teaching Literature

I am the fake reader. I was a master of procedural display in high school. And one key version of this is fake reading. Procedural display is student behavior that looks like learning but isn’t actually student learning. Procedural display … Continue reading

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Continuing the conversation from our NCTE session

Our session was great. We had an inspiring conversation with the teachers who attended. They explored the tensions that surround our work with literature using the kind of honesty that we were definitely hoping for. We started out with introductions … Continue reading

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NCTE preparations

Mister S and I leave on Thursday morning for Chicago to present at NCTE. We’re facilitating a conversation on Sunday morning about teaching literature in the 21st century. It’s essentially an evolution of the presentation we did at the Colorado … Continue reading

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