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Again: Relevance, why Twitter? SmartBlogs

Again: Relevance, why Twitter? SmartBlogs. Tom Whitby, in the above post, makes a great case for Twitter for educators. The only beef I have with his position is that I am not as sure as he is that educators were … Continue reading

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Making space for teaching and writing, writing and teaching

I had one of those trail runs today. It was a run where my mind got totally lost and I started writing some paragraphs in my head. Didn’t even notice that my dog was straggling waaaaaaaay behind me. See this … Continue reading

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More than a Number: Why Class Size Matters

For a while now, the good folks at NCTE have been fighting the good fight on class size for language arts teachers. This link goes to their policy statement on class size: More than a Number: Why Class Size Matters. … Continue reading

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Meaningful Assessments on Large and Small Scales

How Can We Make Assessments Meaningful? | Edutopia. I came across this article courtesy of one of my colleagues from my time in Phoenix this past summer (thank you!). I think it’s a very thoughtful piece on meaningful assessment. It’s … Continue reading

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Should Student Test Scores Be Used to Evaluate Teachers? – WSJ.com

Shared with us by one of our colleagues, a great point/counterpoint conversation about whether or not student test scores should be used to evaluate teachers: Should Student Test Scores Be Used to Evaluate Teachers? – WSJ.com.

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More thoughts on TFA

We came across this today–TFA’s responses to some pointed questions followed by experts and others showing a different take on how TFA answered the questions. There are facts in dispute–and this piece teases those out: Deepening the Debate over Teach … Continue reading

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Yes! This is what we need!

A recent ASCD Express confronts issues surrounding teacher burnout. Finally I see someone else arguing that what we need is not more money but certain improvements to our working conditions (like more time built into the day to do the … Continue reading

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As long as we simply endure and permit, no meaningful change will come.

I’ve been involved in an email conversation over the last few days with some colleagues, started by a district administrator who wanted to find out from us how the most effective teachers in the district are managing all the change … Continue reading

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Wendy Kopp, TFA, and life in a bubble.

Yesterday the Huffington Post ran an op/ed piece by Wendy Kopp, the founder of TFA. The title was In Defense of Optimism.  I read it, tweeted it, and moved on, but it has been rattling in my head for 24 … Continue reading

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Simmering Frustration about State-Mandated Testing

I’ve been ruminating over this one for a time–not sure if I should post it or not. I actually wrote it about two weeks ago and have been thinking about it since. The last thing I want you all to … Continue reading

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