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PLEASE read this and pass it on– Ravitch: No Student Left Untested

Here is yet one more piece by Diane Ravitch (published earlier this week in the New York Review of Books) that clearly articulates the issues surrounding testing, NCLB, Race to the Top, and teacher accountability. Click here to read it. … Continue reading

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Frightening doesn’t cover it!

This is from Ed Week, by Diane Ravitch: modal years of teaching experience in 1987-88 was 15 (meaning that there were more teachers with 15 years of experience than any other group); in the latest published survey, 2007-08, the modal … Continue reading

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Mr. President, please make sense.

So , the state of the union was on Tuesday. And the President said some nice stuff about teachers. Which he did last time there was an election. But my cynicism cup runneth over. As everyone on facebook and twitter … Continue reading

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Measuring Away Our Dignity

Last week, Mister S tweeted a link to an interview with Diane Ravitch recently published in Education Leadership. That interview has been turning over in my mind ever since. Mister S and I had the opportunity to see Ravitch speak … Continue reading

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