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Community, Connection, Articulation, Reflection, Creation

We had a group of teachers from another school visit us yesterday (Z gets all the credit for making that happen, I just show up and talk). They spent the day hanging out in our classes, asking questions, sharing ideas. … Continue reading

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CLAS 2017- Presentation Materials

Thanks to everyone who came to our session at the Colorado Language Arts Society conference yesterday. We really enjoyed talking about your classes and students with you. I’m linking the slides and the handout below if you wanted to take … Continue reading

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Adventures on “The Dark Side”

I’m embarking on something new. On a good day I think of it as an adventure, and anthropological exploration. On the bad days… I’m in a program to get my principal’s licensure. It’s what you do if you want to … Continue reading

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Blog throwdown! “Grading” and other offensive words. Bonus tuba solo.

Okay Z, it’s on! The post I was referring to, The Evolution of Grading, was, in fact, mostly about responding to student work. Readers who click the link will find that you have edited the language in the first line. … Continue reading

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Changing the conversation (grades v. learning)

As one might have gathered from previous posts, I am feeling pretty miserable about grades right now. Not miserable about responding to student work, which is what helps learning to happen, and not assessing the progress of student learning, but … Continue reading

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Small Moment, Big Win

I know we get caught up, especially on this blog, with larger issues in education- policy, politics, philosophy. And all that stuff is important, and we like thinking about it (when our heads are not exploding). But we are teachers, … Continue reading

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Why I am an English Teacher- A Story

At our session at NCTE, Dr. Z and I took a little bit of our time to tell the story of how each of us came to be the teachers we are today. In lieu of retelling that story, which … Continue reading

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NCTE reflection- Only as far as the airport!

Sitting at O’Hare waiting for the flight. As we said two days ago, I am sure it will take months to process the last few days. It was fun to make some new friends, see some old friends, and just … Continue reading

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The “Intentional Fallacy” and other things that get in the way…

We have to start videoing what happens in our office. We had a three way conversation yesterday that will be impossible to replicate, but I will try to capture the essence. I was having a conversation with a colleague in … Continue reading

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