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Science Suggests Measurable Benefits To Reading Serious Literature: From the NYT Blog

For Better Social Skills, Scientists Recommend a Little Chekhov – NYTimes.com. This article from the NYT Blog was sent to me by three different people. So I guess I had to share. It’s interesting science. But what really struck me … Continue reading

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More on narrative: What storytelling does to our brains fm The Buffer blog

I guess this follows hot on the heels of my last post on the role of narrative. It was tweeted by one of our favorite thinkers on literacy, Penny Kittle. I’ll let the article speak for itself, but the short … Continue reading

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Making space for teaching and writing, writing and teaching

I had one of those trail runs today. It was a run where my mind got totally lost and I started writing some paragraphs in my head. Didn’t even notice that my dog was straggling waaaaaaaay behind me. See this … Continue reading

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PhDs as K12 teachers

It seems that my husband and I are somewhat unique–we both have PhDs and have chosen to return to the high school classroom rather than pursuing careers as college professors. I often feel like the world looks at this choice … Continue reading

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