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Needed: True-to-Life Classroom Narratives as Counter Narratives

The problem with schools these days… The problem is that everyone is trying to tell his own version of the problem, and depending on who you listen to, the story differs. The problem is poverty, or the problem is inequitable … Continue reading

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Mission Clarified

I had the lucky opportunity to attend the Colorado Day of Writing this past weekend. And what a gift. I haven’t had a whole day to talk and think about writing for a very long time. I didn’t get much … Continue reading

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The “Crisis” of American Education

Please read and widely circulate:¬†Flunking the Test ¬†|¬†American Journalism Review.. This takes on the U.S. media and how it has reported the “crisis” in education. It makes the point that by some valid measures, education in the US has never … Continue reading

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Why I Teach Literature

I fight against the danger of the single story. We must read many stories that challenge other stories’ views of our world.

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Sarah Kay is a ‘thing made of awesome’

This is the reason TED is good. And the reason poetry is good. And the reason teaching is good. And the reason….oh never mind. Watch the damn video. I dare you not to be moved. Told ya. More about Sarah … Continue reading

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Back to the classroom and reflecting back on #NCTE11

After a whirlwind Thanksgiving break that started out with an inspiring weekend at NCTE in Chicago, I’m back at my desk and back in the swing of another busy week teaching high school language arts. And I’m exhausted. It’s like … Continue reading

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