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Community, Connection, Articulation, Reflection, Creation

We had a group of teachers from another school visit us yesterday (Z gets all the credit for making that happen, I just show up and talk). They spent the day hanging out in our classes, asking questions, sharing ideas. … Continue reading

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Cellphone Management on the Fly

We all struggle with how to manage new technologies in the classroom (and in our own lives). I know I am not alone in wondering how to teach thoughtful, respectable management of technology to my students. I can be a … Continue reading

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How I did on my final exam and what my students can teach us all about how to get along

My seniors just finished their final for this semester, a formal speech of their research paper argument about a controversial issue in society. We organized these speeches into panel presentations focused on broad topics that unified 2 to 5 individual … Continue reading

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Interesting Headline: How Blaming Teachers Shortchanges Students | NEA Today

Strangely enough, some people who study education think that blaming teachers for all the problems isn’t helping. Who could have guessed that?!   How Blaming Teachers Shortchanges Students | NEA Today.

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More than a Number: Why Class Size Matters

For a while now, the good folks at NCTE have been fighting the good fight on class size for language arts teachers. This link goes to their policy statement on class size: More than a Number: Why Class Size Matters. … Continue reading

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Back at it (a brief update)

In case you’re wondering, The Paper Graders went back to school today. I laughed a lot today with my colleagues. That’s a really good thing. I really like the people I get to work with. Even Mr. S and Mr. … Continue reading

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Breathing Room

Thank you, Mister S, for finally posting something in our blog. School has been out for about a week and a half and I’m sort of, kind of, finally starting to recover. It’s been a funny week and a half. … Continue reading

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for the love of learning: Teachers eat their young

We are all a little bogged down with the end of the year here. But just because we aren’t always writing doesn’t mean we aren’t reading. Here’s Joe Bower, on how we treat our new teachers so poorly. He’s right … Continue reading

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Wendy Kopp, TFA, and life in a bubble.

Yesterday the Huffington Post ran an op/ed piece by Wendy Kopp, the founder of TFA. The title was In Defense of Optimism.  I read it, tweeted it, and moved on, but it has been rattling in my head for 24 … Continue reading

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Blog throwdown! “Grading” and other offensive words. Bonus tuba solo.

Okay Z, it’s on! The post I was referring to, The Evolution of Grading, was, in fact, mostly about responding to student work. Readers who click the link will find that you have edited the language in the first line. … Continue reading

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