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Small Moment, Big Win

I know we get caught up, especially on this blog, with larger issues in education- policy, politics, philosophy. And all that stuff is important, and we like thinking about it (when our heads are not exploding). But we are teachers, … Continue reading

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Is it the grading, or is it the grading?

We promised to get back to the issue of grading once we had finished doing a whole bunch of it. As I pondered this over break, considering my response to Doc Z’s throwdown on the subject, it seemed to me … Continue reading

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Response to PhDs as K12 teachers…

Greetings! We’re a bit overwhelmed over here at how many folks read that last blog post. That’s kind of awesome. But what’s REALLY awesome is a comment the post received from one of my husband’s former biology students–funny how the … Continue reading

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PhDs as K12 teachers

It seems that my husband and I are somewhat unique–we both have PhDs and have chosen to return to the high school classroom rather than pursuing careers as college professors. I often feel like the world looks at this choice … Continue reading

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Why I am an English Teacher- A Story

At our session at NCTE, Dr. Z and I took a little bit of our time to tell the story of how each of us came to be the teachers we are today. In lieu of retelling that story, which … Continue reading

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Back to the classroom and reflecting back on #NCTE11

After a whirlwind Thanksgiving break that started out with an inspiring weekend at NCTE in Chicago, I’m back at my desk and back in the swing of another busy week teaching high school language arts. And I’m exhausted. It’s like … Continue reading

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NCTE preparations

Mister S and I leave on Thursday morning for Chicago to present at NCTE. We’re facilitating a conversation on Sunday morning about teaching literature in the 21st century. It’s essentially an evolution of the presentation we did at the Colorado … Continue reading

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Not where we should be spending our technology dollars?

Last week, a tweet from Mark Brumley (@markbrumley) showed up in our Twitter feed: Really cute video about technology in the classroom! http://t.co/fgJ2rgPc#edtech#edchat I followed the link to what appears to a be a contest webpage for the 2011 Classroom … Continue reading

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THESE students will be fine in the future 21st century world…

There’s been another installment to The New York Times series, “Grading the Digital School.” This time we learn about a school in Silicon Valley that makes screen time illegal and argues that its students are better off for it (see … Continue reading

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The “Intentional Fallacy” and other things that get in the way…

We have to start videoing what happens in our office. We had a three way conversation yesterday that will be impossible to replicate, but I will try to capture the essence. I was having a conversation with a colleague in … Continue reading

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