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Needed: True-to-Life Classroom Narratives as Counter Narratives

The problem with schools these days… The problem is that everyone is trying to tell his own version of the problem, and depending on who you listen to, the story differs. The problem is poverty, or the problem is inequitable … Continue reading

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A well-reasoned argument against the current testing regime

Please read and pass along. More of us need to be speaking up and out against testing testing and more testing… NYC Public School Parents: Carol Burris’ testimony on the current testing regime.

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Breathing Room

Thank you, Mister S, for finally posting something in our blog. School has been out for about a week and a half and I’m sort of, kind of, finally starting to recover. It’s been a funny week and a half. … Continue reading

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The “Crisis” of American Education

Please read and widely circulate: Flunking the Test  | American Journalism Review.. This takes on the U.S. media and how it has reported the “crisis” in education. It makes the point that by some valid measures, education in the US has never … Continue reading

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Blog throwdown! “Grading” and other offensive words. Bonus tuba solo.

Okay Z, it’s on! The post I was referring to, The Evolution of Grading, was, in fact, mostly about responding to student work. Readers who click the link will find that you have edited the language in the first line. … Continue reading

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Simmering Frustration about State-Mandated Testing

I’ve been ruminating over this one for a time–not sure if I should post it or not. I actually wrote it about two weeks ago and have been thinking about it since. The last thing I want you all to … Continue reading

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PLEASE read this and pass it on– Ravitch: No Student Left Untested

Here is yet one more piece by Diane Ravitch (published earlier this week in the New York Review of Books) that clearly articulates the issues surrounding testing, NCLB, Race to the Top, and teacher accountability. Click here to read it. … Continue reading

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Measuring Away Our Dignity

Last week, Mister S tweeted a link to an interview with Diane Ravitch recently published in Education Leadership. That interview has been turning over in my mind ever since. Mister S and I had the opportunity to see Ravitch speak … Continue reading

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PhDs as K12 teachers

It seems that my husband and I are somewhat unique–we both have PhDs and have chosen to return to the high school classroom rather than pursuing careers as college professors. I often feel like the world looks at this choice … Continue reading

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